Academic Division Travel Funds Request East Campus

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The ECAD travel committee must weigh the value of different proposals and judge their impact on the campus and college. Please briefly describe your work at Valencia and discuss the impact of this event in terms of personal, division, campus, and college goals.

Upon your return, it is encouraged that you share what you learn with others at Valencia. You may do so by sending a report to the ECAD travel committee chair, or by another method of your choosing. If you don't plan to report back to ECAD, please describe how and when you plan to share what you learn with others.


Note: ECAD funds can't be used for registration.

Includes gas, tolls, taxi, parking or other ground travel expenses.

Note: Breakfast = $6, Lunch = $11, Dinner = $19. You are only able to claim meals if you attend an overnight conference. Breakfast is allowed if you depart before 6AM or return after 8AM, Lunch is allowed if you depart before 12 noon or return after 2PM, Dinner is allowed if you depart before 6PM or return after 8PM.