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You will need to fill out the form below for each item that you need to print.

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Student Contact Information

Please use your Atlas e-mail address (
Students will be notified via atlas email when the job is ready for pick up (along with pick-up instructions), or if there are issues with printing.

Print Pickup Location

Course Information

Document Information

Students are required to provide a link to a PDF X quality file, stored in the cloud (Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, iCloud, or other), with access permitted.

Once shared, please ensure files are not renamed or have not changed location until printing is completed.

PDFs must be proofread with necessary printer marks (crop marks, registration marks, page info) & bleed settings.

Check these links for more info on how to save to PDF X format and how to share files via your cloud based storage.

Saving to PDF/X, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, DropBox, iCloud.

Printing Instructions
Proof of Draft
Document Size
Paper Type

Printing on custom paper is not available at this time.

Duplex (Double Sided) or Single Sided Printing

Double sided printing available on Letter & Tabloid sizes only.


All booklets will be printed as spreads, double-sided and saddle-stitch (stapled spine) unless otherwise noted in the comment field below.

Color Separations

Only one project requires color separations (Course GRA 1142 Project: Tutorial 4).

Additional Comments