Final Grade Academic Disputes

This online form has been designed to assist you in filing a Final Grade Dispute in accordance with policy 6Hx28: 8-10.

All concerns will be addressed in a timely and private manner. You can provide as much or as little information as you like. Your name and all other personal details will only be used to contact you in order to proceed with resolving your concern.

Before you complete the Final Grade Dispute Form review process please review checklist below.

The Final Grade Dispute Checklist

This checklist was developed as a tool to aid the student in the completion of the Student Final Grade Appeal process. Before you file the Final Grade Dispute Form, please make sure that you have completed the following steps:
- I have read Valencia College Policy 6Hx28:8-10 Student Academic Dispute and Administrative Complaint Resolution.
- I have discussed my concern with my professor.
- I will file the Final Grade Dispute form within 60 days of the final grade posting.
- I have discussed my final grade concern with my professor's Dean or immediate supervisor.
- I have stated what resolution I am looking for and have been very specific in my request.
- I have provided all of the information requested on the Final Grade Dispute Form.
- I have made a copy of the Final Grade Dispute Form for my records.
- I further understand, that if my concern has not been resolved with my professor and dean that I may request a meeting with the Campus President or request a review of my concern by the Campus Student Final Grade Resolution Committee see policy/procedure for further details.

Fields marked with an must be filled out to submit the form.

Contact Information

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Dispute Information


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