Certification Request Form

- Please do not fill out this form until you have completed the orientation process and registered for classes.

- Submit one request PER TERM. If your current schedule changes, you will need to submit another certification request so the change can be updated with the VA.

- Submit another request ONLY if you add a new class that starts later on during the semester (mini-term/flex start).

Notice: VA will not pay for remedial or deficiency courses offered in the online or hybrid (partially online) delivery method. Remedial or deficiency courses can only be certified, if they are classroom/onsite classes. Please see a Veteran's Services staff member for more information.

For Chapter 33 Post/911 GI Bill: The VA will pay the Florida Resident tuition and fees rates ONLY. You will be responsible to cover any remaining balance.

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Are you taking course(s) at another school for a degree here and need a Parent letter?
Are you interested in the VA Peer to Peer Mentorship Program?

The program is designed to assist the warrior veteran student and dependents with bridging the gap between the transitions of military life to civilian/student life. Peer mentors assist with navigating campus resources, emotional support, VA education benefits, and help their peers become more engaged in the Valencia Community.

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Recertification Statement

Valencia College will utilize the first available funds (federal financial aid or veteran’s benefit) to pay my tuition, fees, books, and other charges which appear on my student account. Valencia will issue a refund for any excess funds they may receive that exceeds the balance on my student account.